Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hopped off the plane at LAX

So, I haven't talked to you guys in awhile. Forgive me! I've just gotten settled back in to school. I'll be starting my third week of classes so hopefully I'll have a lot more to talk about, and a little more time to tell you.

The past few weeks have been packed full of trips and activities. I flew out to Pasadena the first week of January to watch Florida State (Go Noles!) take on Auburn in the BCS National Championship. It was a really great few days that allowed me to see a bit of LA that I hadn't been able to on my last trip to California. It was my first time in southern California since I was a toddler, so everything was seen with fresh eyes.

We landed in LAX Sunday night after a long (but thankfully direct) flight from Florida. We headed right in to LA where we would be staying. The city looked beautiful as the sunlight poured over the high rises like liquid gold.

We headed to bed early that night so we would be ready for game day. On Monday morning we drove around the city a bit, stopping by a burger joint, chasing down the Hollywood sign (it's nearly impossible to find the thing for long enough to snap a photo), and dropping in on Venice Beach.

After that, it was game time! We headed to the stadium in Pasadena with our phone batteries quickly dwindling before we could snap pictures of the crowds. Garnet and gold flooded half of the grounds, while navy and orange overtook the rest.

Slowly, the stream of colors trickled in to the stadium and to the seats. We popped in with two hours to kill before kick off to watch the teams warm up. I was lucky to have just enough phone battery to snap a panorama and call my beautiful friend L who was in Pasadena with the Marching Chiefs.

We met up with a fit of hugs and smiles after not seeing each other for three weeks. It was quite a nice reunion, and she even led me to the trio of our friends who'd made a guys trip out of the game by attending with their dads. The reunion with them was slightly less giggly and euphoric, but nonetheless, we were all happy to see each other.

I bounced back over the bleachers to take my place along my dad right before kick off. We were right on the dividing line between the Tigers and the Noles. It was stressful and thrilling to hear each flock of fans cheering as their team would take the lead. My arm barely had time to rest between plays as Florida State fans cheered and chopped.

We went home thrilled and exhausted when Florida State took the win. With early morning flights to catch in a few short hours, celebration went on hold. But on my flight home (including the five hour layover in breath-taking Colorado and nearly 13 hours of travel time) Florida State fans were representing their team with big grins and shouts of "Go Noles!"

As stressful as the whirlwind trip was, we came away with nothing but good memories. Florida State proved themselves as champs, and ensured their undefeated season would remain just so. Let's go Noles! Scalp 'em!


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