Friday, January 23, 2015

Jekyll Island Stopover

If you recall, I told you about celebrating New Year's 2014 with my near and dear best friends. One of the beauts I get to call my bestie, B, is attending Savannah College of Art and Design. B is easily the most talented person I know. She's a bit like my soul sister; we share the same yearning spirits and opportunistic outlook on life.

My friend E and I decided that we were past due for a visit, so we packed our bags and hopped in Bessie, her darling little black nugget of a car. We took the 4+ hour trek to Savannah with music blasting as we rolled through small towns and open fields.

We hit the coastal route, and embraced it with a seaside stop on Jekyll Island.

We came to a roundabout and picked right. We cruised until the pavement split, and we chose the dirt road. Sunlight glowed between the mossy trees.

So we slipped through the sunbathed stillness to investigate.

We were greeted by the most breathtaking views on all sides.

We wandered down the sand, breathing in cool air and basking in the warm sun.

Peace and happiness flooded us, and we celebrated our discovery with cheesy selfies.

I'm clearly payin' sharp attention here.

And here.

The most incredible trees lay mangled and poised on the empty sand beaches.

So we popped up for more selfies...

(The bugs were relentless.)

And to monkey around a bit!

But finally settled back down and savored the last drops of sunshine before picking back up on our journey to Savannah.

No those aren't smudges on your screen, just some nasty little bugs.

I promise I'll be back to tell you all about Savannah in the next post!


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