Monday, April 13, 2015

Ten Year Anniversary

I have a best friend.

I have several, actually, but there is one who is tried and true and has weathered more than the rest.

About ten years ago a frizzy haired, long legged, tan little girl moved in next door to my family. I had stringy brown hair and braces. She had the biggest grin I'd seen.

This gem proved to be the sweetest person I have ever known. She is both braver and more quiet than I am, and matches every odd move of mine with one of her own.

Though she moved just a few short years later, she remained pals and we attended school together. We spent our childhood and teenage years watching one another grow up, moving through friends and gawking at boys and trying to figure out what it meant to be a girl in high school.

I have LOVED having a partner in crime who is always up to explore new territory, go to concerts, and eat. I wish I could say something beyond that, but I genuinely just love that you are always willing to eat with me.

I am forever grateful for every experience we had; dancing in the rain, running through the yard, riding horses down the trails, telling stories all night long, and finding our way back to each other despite every difference that pulled us apart.

You have loved me drunk and sober, boy crazy and completely alone, you have supported my crushes and shared my wildest dreams, you have cooked for me and slept on me, you have traveled with me and talked me through every thought I've had, you have tolerated every bad decision and unkind word I've said, and though I am not a good person, I will continue in vain to try to be good to you.

Thank you for being the weirdest person I know.



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