Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ano Mera & Chora, Mykonos

The van rumbled through the streets of Mykonos, dipping between the landscape as we moved to and from the coast.

Our guide waved the driver over for a photo-op and to stretch our legs.

 We took the obligatory sea/land pictures.

Snapped a few of the rocks.

And I decided, much to my sisters dismay, that I wanted to see if the water would feel as good as it looked. (It did.)

We sifted through the abundance of sea glass for a good bunch to bring back, pausing long enough to wave at the displeased guide.

Eventually we were herded back into the small bus and zipped up higher and higher until we pulled up to a little square on the southeast side of Ano Mera.

We were seated and offered glasses upon glasses of a curious cloudy drink.

We came to discover it was ouzo, a common mid-afternoon aperitif. The cloudiness came from the drink being slightly diluted with water. It's traditionally served with a small plate of appetizers like fish, cheese, and olives.

Then came the taste testing.

The sibs liked it.

I struggled.

Kidding. It's actually a fairly mild tasting drink given it's high alcoholic content. It is, however, a bit overpowering when not diluted.

We were given our plate of appetizers to munch on, which was simple but quite good.

We were then led across the square to the Panagie Tourliani Monastery, where we crossed paths with a kind old monk headed the same way.

He took the lead and we quietly followed him - and the tourist mass - into a small courtyard.

Where we laid eyes on the main event.

We were wow'd. Then we walked inside.

Pale blue ceilings layered with ornate chandeliers, murals, and a massive iconostasis.

There was intricate details to be found everywhere you looked. Silver dragon incense holders, carved wooden frames, and finely detailed paintings overwhelmed the tiny space.

We sopped up the details like sponges, capturing every inch with the camera so we would never forget.

Finally we excused ourselves, unable to bear the stagnant air any longer. A few locals trickled in, so we wound our way back to the bus and headed back for Chora.

We stopped to play tourist.

Made some more friends.

And set out to explore the streets on our own.

We bathed in the light.

And the colors.

Then popped back to the shore for lunch with a view.

Restaurants overwhelm the path by the water, so finding a spot with a view is just a matter of taking your pick from the closest to you.

The hummus was excellent.

The gyros... less so. Though they certainly looked promising.

We headed out for a bit of wading in the warm water.

It lapped at our ankles and rocked the boats back and forth.

I nearly collapsed into this one for a glorious nap - but figured the owner wouldn't be too thrilled.

We roamed until the sun was low before hurrying to make the last tender back to our ship. Though I must admit, I wouldn't have minded being stuck somewhere so lovely!



  1. amazing pics! Such a stunning place to be!
    Posts online about Buenos Aires, Monaco, London....

  2. Looks amazing. I'll be there in a month exactly and I'm so excited!

    Krissie x -


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