Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School Looks

Can you forgive me for disappearing?

I have been so wrapped up in weekend trips, work, and back to school prep that I have barely had a chance to hop online the past two weeks. Luckily, I've been brainstorming hard for you guys! And my busy-ness means a slew of posts coming up in the next few weeks.

But enough of that - let's hit the books for a few back to school looks.

Thanks Tay - I'll take it from here.

I've been sorting through the stuff I brought back from University and sifting through every rack at the stores to reset my wardrobe. Unfortunately, summer clothing is not where the strength of my closet lies. And living in Florida, it feels like summer until mid-November.

I've been looking to swing dresses - especially high neck sleeveless ones - as my solution. They're breezy, sexy, playful, and easy.

Feeling like I should play in some other directions, I toyed around on Polyvore for a bit and thought I'd show you some of my ideas for back to school looks.

Crop tops and shorts are classic cool girl clothes. Pair them with sneakers for something cute and easy that will help you beat the heat. It's a golden trend - albeit one I can't pull off.

So if you're like me and crop tops aren't for you, try shirts that are a little longer and looser. Nothing helps a hot Monday more than a floaty top and sandals so you can wriggle your toes in the sun.

But if that isn't your speed, you could go for an old favorite - athletic gear. I know I keep saying it, but there is nothing better than workout clothes. Stretchy, comfy, soft, and casual.

If you choose wisely, it even helps to mask the sweat rolling down your back. (Ew, I know).
In truth, the best option is probably a romper. They are as easy a leggings and a t-shirt but wayyy cuter. Sometimes it's nice to just roll out of bed and not have to worry about putting an outfit together.

The only downside is that you literally get naked every time you use the restroom.

(P.S. You can click any of the pictures to link back to my Polyvore account and see the items in each image)

I also found a few outfits on Pinterest that I thought I'd share. The options above are pretty bare bones, so of course you can run wild and jazz them up with scarves, bangles, hats, sweaters, etc.

The girls in these pictures are winning at accessorizing. Obviously if you're walking around campus you'll be loaded down with books and a backpack instead of an adorable handbag, but you get the idea.

(If you click these pictures, it should take you to the site they're from. Otherwise check out my Pinterest to see them and more! Just click here.) 

I'm a big fan of stripes, denim, sneakers, and long sleeves with shorts. If you incorporate any of those into your look then you are absolutely killing it in my book.

Hope you enjoyed this!


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