Sunday, August 16, 2015

Savannah Sweethearts

A couple weeks ago my friend B came down for a visit. She studies at SCAD up in Savannah, and stayed up there this summer to work and create in her own space.

Knowing we were at a loss without her, she graced us with her presence for one short week. By the time our seven days were up, El and Em had made the decision to drive B back up to Savannah as a last hurrah for the summer.

We packed our bags and with some very last minute decisions, hopped in my car and took off to Georgia.

Our appetites were beasts by the time we unloaded our bags in her house, so we roamed around her home and took a long nap.

In our defense, it's hard not to doze off under warm blankets and twinkling lights. Especially when snuggled up with this cutie.

We woke up after a bit and then we barreled out of her cute blue house towards Broughton Street....

where we stopped to climb to the top of a parking garage and watch the sunset.

AKA take pictures in front of the sunset.

Before finally heading to Broughton and stumbling into the Flying Monk noodle bar.

It's a favorite spot of ours, artsy and hip and small and crowded. I feel like it's a piece of the big city in Savannah's little way.

We ordered immediately and our table turned into a giant lazy Susan with all our picks. We snacked on each dish for a few minutes before sliding it to the next person.

The Angkor Wot noodles were a personal favorite.

Although these (which I can't remember the name of) were a close second.

With full bellies we strolled down to the river for a long walk until dusk hit.

We headed home for some rest - which was quickly foregone when we caught sight of Beto.

But soon the lure of a mattress was too good, they all left us alone to snuggle on the couch.

The next morning we hit a local spot called the Mate Factory. It's super health oriented and we stocked up on hydrating and vitamin packed mate juices as we took a stroll around the park.

After the bounty of greenery we were soon keen for a little more nature, so we decided to hit the road for a trip out of the city.

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