Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Skidaway Island, Savannah

After our stroll in the park, we took to the automobile for a ride to Skidaway Island.

It's a little less tropical than you'd imagine.

We picked up sandwiches on our way and popped out of the car ready for a hike and a picnic.

Although "hike" seems like a bit of a stretch. We followed some very flat trails through woods and across bridges to find our view.

It was a little less ocean than we expected, but we were all smiles as we laid out the picnic blanket.

We snacked and talked and played with the critters in the sand.

And after a long while in the dappled shade, we picked up our gear and took off again.

Only to find a lookout point and picnic area thirty feet up the trail.

So we climbed up to soak in the view and spread our blanket out to talk and bask and enjoy each other's company for a little bit longer.

After a good long while of conversation about the definition of a cult (among other things), we packed up our things and headed for some A/C.

Which we found inside Leopold's Ice Cream. After an exceptionally hot wait.

We savored some incredible ice cream sandwiches that were definitely worth the wait.

And thanks to that hot/cold goodness, we were all smiles as we said goodbye to the friendly staff.

We lounged at home for a while, making playlists and talking about serious things like what we plan to do with our lives.

Finally someone complained about being hungry (to which everyone agreed - as always), so we walked to the store to pick up the makings of a great dinner.

We then handcrafted an EXCEPTIONAL meal. I'm talking next level, your mouth waters at the sight, your whole body benefits and you had a blast making it. All around good stuff.

It was a delicious plate of salmon (cooked in tin foil with lemon, italian herbs, and butter), quinoa (5 minute pack with pine nut flavoring), and brussel sprouts (doused in olive oil and italian seasoning and tossed in the oven).

If there was only one thing we did right in Savannah, it would most certainly be eating. Not one meal managed to disappoint.

After dinner we played a few rounds of raucous Never Have I Ever. I can't think of a better game to get to know people. With close friends it can be tough, so looking to the internet for some pre-made questions may be the best thing to do.

Our minds crowded with all the drama and surprise of the game, we had a post-game chat (we were eager to get as much conversation in as possible in our few days), and then landed in bed.

Still stoked about dinner the night before, we decided to whip up breakfast at home the next morning.

We were leaving right after breakfast, so we shuffled around in pajamas and laughed and talked while whipping up a delicious Avocado Smash, a knockoff of a favorite from a local haunt called Colin's Quarter.

Forgive me, the only photo is from Snapchat. We had spinach and eggs as a side and thick hunks of sourdough and avocado for the main event.

We lazed around for a little while before tight hugs and sad goodbyes sent us heading south once again.

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