Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Early Fall Favorites

Now that school is in full swing I've been doing little other than what is necessary - simply because there is no time for anything else!

I've been popping between my home office (aka tiny desk in my room) and the library, trying to keep up with responsibilities for classes, going to meetings, keeping in touch with friends, taking care of my sweet horse, and taking care of myself.

Since I'm not popping over to the shops every other day I'm cramming a month of clothes, makeup, and homeware shopping in one day that comes every three or four weeks.

This has resulted in some serious over-shopping.

So I thought I'd justify that indulgence a little bit by sharing some of my favorite things from the past couple of months.

First up, this Green Palm bag from 38th & Co.

I ordered one with the tan leather and one with the pink. I love them both, but I am smitten with the pink! They're gorgeous and they are the perfect size to pack beauty essentials for a weekend trip or pair with a little white dress for a dinner by the water.

They're cute, they're well-made, and the shop owner, Ali, is as sweet as can be! It's a nice way to cling to summer as the weather starts changing.

Now, for me, the hunt for the perfect perfume is never ending. Every perfume is the wrong scent or too strong or too fruity. I can never make it through a bottle before I get sick of it tickling my nose and push it to the back of my cabinet.

Which is what makes this perfect! This Coconut Milk Mango demi perfume from Illume was actually a gift from my mother. It's floral, tropical, and sweet without ever being too strong.

And it's small. Like stash in your bag and wear everyday and never get sick of it because it ran out too fast.

It is a very subtle perfume, and I love that it rolls on! I just swipe it on my wrists and I'm good to go.

Better still, it's one of the longest lasting perfumes I've ever used. Most of them I won't even smell after the first half hour, but this one I'll catch glorious whiffs of all afternoon.

Running with smells, let me tell you about a candle I like.

That actually might be an understatement. I could make it on to a reality show with my candle hoarding problem, but this is my pick of the bunch.

Voluspa candles are great quality, and this smell is just divine. This is the fifth French Cade Lavender candle I've purchased from Voluspa! It's an addiction. When it starts getting low I have to order a new one so I won't have to go a day without it.

And the perfect time to light this divine, musky winter candle? While snuggled up with a book by one of my favorite funny ladies.

A funny follow up to her hilarious debut, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, Mindy Kaling does it again with a funny, honest book that sounds like it was written by your best friend.

It makes me happy. You should give it a read.

And then when your makeup is messed up from laugh-crying and you have a bad case of bedhead, come back and I'll tell you about my favorite beauty products.

My sweet friend Nat and I were pacing the aisles of Ulta when I complained about needing a new foundation.

Day to day I rock Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer, but on bad skin days I'm looking for something that goes on with a little more coverage.

THIS was the answer to my prayers. Nat mentioned that she always got compliments when wearing Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation, so I decided to give it a go.

I was not disappointed. I was facing a sunburnt forehead and a pimple covered chin when I first tried this stuff. It covered every blemish and discoloration flawlessly. They were NOT kidding about this name.

It covers great and feels like you're walking around au natural. Try it. Please.

Another thing I was on the hunt for was a good dry shampoo. My hair gets greasy overnight and I hate washing my hair everyday because it gets so flat, so I spent the better part of this last year trying out a new dry shampoo every week.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to Batiste. I've converted three of my closest friends to it already, and now every single one of us swears by it.

They come in half a dozen different scents, plus one geared towards blondes and one for brunettes. I've found that the blonde one actually blends better on my brown hair, but whatever you use, proper application and a good shake of the head will pretty much get rid of any traces and leave you with gorgeous, textured hair.

Finally, I present to you my old faithful body lotion from L'Occitane.

I suck at consistently applying lotion, so a lot of times I'll find I have dried out elbows or hands and I'll whip this stuff out immediately.

Just a little bit on a cold day or after a fresh shave and your skin will look luxurious and well-maintained - like you really have been moisturizing every day.

Plus, it smells like lavender. It's divine.

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