Friday, July 28, 2017

Current mood.

This summer has seen a lot of change for me. I graduated college, moved back to my hometown, started working again, and have traveled a lot - both with my family and on my own.

My life seems to be visibly evolving every day.

A few weeks ago I moved new furniture into my room and have been working on redesigning my bedroom since.

Not long after, I settled into my new office.

I've only just unpacked my bag from my last trip, and still have to go back to Tallahassee one last time to gather the last few of my things.

free sofa - pink velvet chair | San Francisco

Like I said, a lot of slap-you-in-the-face type of changes.

To keep myself relaxed I've been reading (book list coming soon!), and to keep myself inspired I've been spending a lot of my downtime on Pinterest and Tumblr.

I love putting together collections as I decorate my spaces, and keep a working list of everywhere in the world I want to go.

More than anything, though, I love maintaining a mood board on Pinterest. It's the most fun way to save little things you like that bring you joy so you can refer back as you build the life you want.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite images and current mood moments from Pinterest in case you guys could use a boost of inspo.

Posse_AW Lookbook-14WEB.jpg

backless bikini,bikini 2016,women swimwear,women swimsuit,one piece bikini


collect memories not things ✨

Photo by Meghan Kay Sadler

palette: confession, sometimes I miss painting

As I'm sure you noticed, I'm loving flowers, light, and anything that reminds me of the tropics these days + a little art and some stylish ladies.

My taste changes all the time, but at the end of the day I'm just hoping I can say I'm striving for whatever it is I want right now. Thats all a girl can hope for, right?

If you like any of this, you can find it over on my Pinterest page, just click here.


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