Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bainbridge Island [Washington]

Our second full day in Seattle saw us ditch the city for a ferry ride to the nearby Bainbridge Island, set on squeezing in a hike during our short visit.

The ferry is a quintessential staple of the city, so it was exciting to stand in the breeze, watching kids and adults alike pulling the famous Jack & Rose stance from the Titanic as we surged across the bay to the little island.

We pulled in and headed out, passing bike rentals and a few cute shops as we made the short walk to town. 

We shopped up some goodies and popped in to Isla Bonita for an extravagant lunch.

A friendly helper pointed us back to the ferry stop to catch a very cheap bus ride where we requested a stop at Gazzam Lake Park.

Our driver chatted up a storm and warned us of a bear on the loose somewhere around the island, so with nerves mounting we hopped out of the car and started toward the trail head.

We walked through the trails, totally entranced by the dancing light, the fluttering leaves, and the still lake.

We had the trails to ourselves but for one quick meeting with a horse and rider, a friendly exchange that had me wishing locals everywhere were this kind.

At every turn we stopped, captivated by the warm light filtering through the trees.

Forging on through the trails, we popped out near a road and walked to the nearby Lynwood Square where we grabbed some frozen yogurt, checked out the local music shop (with a talented tyke welcoming visitors in)

And called for a car to take us back to Winslow where we shopped some more, drank a bit of wine, and finally wandered back to the ferry for the short ride back to city life.

I was sad to be leaving for Portland the next day, as we'd met the friendliest locals both in Seattle and on the Island. Everyone was eager to chat, much like people are when you visit from abroad. 

We ferried home with floating on a high and in a few short hours we were off on the long train ride to Oregon, excited for the next adventure.


(P.S. Please forgive the fuzzy photos, I forgot my camera on this trip!)

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