Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Provence: Palais, Pont, and Vin!

After a day or two snoozing and lazing around the chateau and surrounding towns, we packed up our cars and embarked on a glorious day in Provence.

First stop, Avignon's Palais des Papes.

The palace square is at the top of the old city, so we started there and took to the palace for a long look around the palace.

I typically love historic sights like this, but found there to be a bit too much art. They had installations in nearly every room that rarely seemed to have anything to do with the palace or rooms themselves.

(See: this odd art piece out front)

Still an interesting site to look around, though!

We popped back out on to the narrow streets to find a little cafe to grab a spot of lunch.

From there: The Pont d'Avignon.

The Pont was far more beautiful than I expected.

The richest blues, the lightest stone, and such beautiful light dancing off all of it.

After a long afternoon wandering around we loaded up the car to head back to the chateau

It only took a few minutes of driving through the countryside for us to abandon our plans in favor of a vineyard search!

Which was a wise decision that left us sipping mediocre wine and dancing through golden fields of grapes, happy as clams.

Spot me literally jumping for joy in the following series of photos:

So much love for this beautiful place and it's sometimes mediocre wine.


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