Thursday, April 5, 2018


I popped over to Tahoe for a quick weekend visit back in January.

It was my first time in the little ski city and the beauty of it was quite literally jaw dropping.

While the skiing (mis)adventures took up a good bit of our time, we did drive out the little way to Emerald Bay.

The friendly man who welcomed us to the lodge the night before claimed it was the most beautiful place he'd ever been and the most photographed place in the world.

I didn't ask if he was including Times Square and the Eiffel Tower in this count, but we figured it was worth the jaunt outside town to see it either way.

It was staggering in its beauty and pictures can't come close to doing it justice. We spent a while in the quiet hum of traffic and the trees, and then headed on.

Two days later we finally made it out to the slopes. Snow was scarce and the mountains largely restricted because of it, so we took our chances on the spectator's lift ride and weren't disappointed.

Climbing out of the town and up through the mountains for several minutes...

Until stumbling upon our own little wonderland.

You walk around a little platform, past the slanted light on ragged rocks and to the real view.


We rounded the corner to check out the battered mountain - very much closed to skiers.

And saw the cutest little shed.

We took the lift up to the next stop where all the skiers were, but the cafeteria restaurant and kiddie club of skiers was enough to send us back down.

There was more exploring - unfortunately much of it without the camera - and a few traumatic skiing stories (let's just say a few people were carried off the mountain on stretchers that day).

I would love to return to Tahoe during a snowier season, and perhaps wander down to the waters in Emerald Bay during the summer. There isn't much to a do - a few casinos and a small ski town with a few restaurants and shops - but it's just enough to tide you over for long weekend while hitting the slopes or skirting the lake.

See you there next January?

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