Monday, January 26, 2015

Savannah & My SCAD Bee

B is the loveliest of lovely. My best friends are all blonde babes, but she definitely has the biggest personality despite being the smallest, and often the most soft spoken.

We rolled in to Savannah late, with nothing more than a quick stop at the sub shop. We headed back to their dorm at O House (Oglethorpe) to lounge in bed and marvel at the walls dotted with delicious artwork.

I snapped a photo of B's workspace the next morning

It was going to be a quick visit, as we were leaving later that night, but we managed to doze late into the morning before popping out for brunch at Colin's Quarter.

That eager gem in the middle is B's roommate Alyssa. You can find her artwork online here.

We missed breakfast, but alas, too hungry to find a new spot, we settled for lunch. We played around, sipping lavender mocha lattes and "Brooklyn" iced coffees. I felt very hip.

Food came, and we dove in. Burgers for Alyssa and I, avocado and radish toast for B & E.

We shared the fries.

The rest of the day was a jumble of pacing around Broughton, ducking in and out of shops, and petting dogs as they were walked around the the settled old city.

We settled the evening with cheesecake on the balcony outside the dorm and a visit with an old friend from high school before hitting the road back to Tally.


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