Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Biltmore. Day Two.

We rose bright and early the next morning to tackle a full day.

We swung into town for breakfast at The Moose Cafe, clearly a spot for locals - we stuck out like sore thumbs. We weren't as early as hoped, and had to beg and bribe our waitress into giving us the breakfast menu rather than lunch. She caved.

We were rewarded for our efforts with barrels of biscuits and greasy, fried meals.

We stopped into the Western North Carolina Farmer's Market, a year round market of flora for sale, fresh goodies, and a few processed treats. We left with some berries and bottles of dressing.

The Estate welcomed us back with open arms, and we headed straight to the extravagant home this time.

Family photos ensued. Until T got sick of them.

We made it down the ramps before some modeling was urged. It was rather pitiful.

So it was enforced. There was (some) improvement.

Even my sister managed to sit still for me.

Tickets to enter the home were a bit pricey, so the fam opted against. However, sly big brother and I left the rest of our kin for some exploring, and wound up following a tour group right into the house, sans entry tickets.

We poked around for a few moments, before guiltily deciding to turn back. The heavy flow of one way traffic urged us on though, so we rounded the entire upstairs before heading back to find the others.

Sadly, pictures aren't allowed inside. My brother caught a few sneaky snaps, but none to do it justice. While sweltering, stagnant air certainly forced me to break a sweat, the house was marvelous enough to forgive their lack of central air. Each room is opulent and masculine. It's not gold-plated and marble carved, but it is decadent in it's own right.

Once we escaped the maddening humidity inside the house, we savored the breeze as we trekked through the Gardens to the greenhouse.

We tromped through fields and gardens for the rest of the afternoon, soaking up the warm sun before heading back to get ready for the wedding! While I didn't snap any pictures (it seems a bit personal to be posting), the wedding was a stunning affair. Something to think about for the future, perhaps?


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