Sunday, May 31, 2015

Athens Explorations, Day 1

When you think of Greece, what do you picture? White washed buildings capped with round blue roofs? Cobblestone streets with sprawling outdoor patios? Tables packed with jovial Grecians chatting and feasting the afternoon away?

Naive as it may be, that is what I imagined until we touched down in the sand toned city of Athens.

After we touched down, a blacked out SUV swooped in to take us to our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Grande Bretagne, whose ornate design and attention to detail blew me away. The rooms were yellow, pink, and white with accents of luxurious gold. Walk-in closets and a grand sitting area in a relatively small room were just a few of the bonuses in the suite.

Absent-minded me neglected to take any pictures of the suite, but managed to snap a few of the double room.

Forgive the lack of staging.

But the real kicker was the view.

^ The Parliament building was just off our balcony.

My sister finally managed to drag me from the sight so we could march off to find food for our grumbling bellies. We popped up to the poolside to grab an early dinner before we set out for a trot around the neighborhood.

I managed a better snap of the Parliament building before we strayed too far. Isn't it gorgeous?

With some effort, we stumbled on the Acropolis Museum.

And its darling neighbor.

But as it was nearing closing time, we opted for a fresh start and a full day the next morning. Upon returning to the hotel I once again found myself on the balcony, watching the flags flutter in the evening breeze.

Though nothing took my breath away quite like the evening light that poured over the city structures, coating the buildings in liquid gold.

Still full from earlier, we skipped dinner in favor of an early turn in. We had a busy morning planned and needed to rest up! But more on that later.

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