Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Athens Explorations, Day 2

The next morning was slow and groggy. After a good bit of poking and prodding, as well as the promise of good food, I rolled out of bed and trudged to up the stairs with the rest of my family.

All weariness vanished the second I stumbled into the dining room and caught sight of the view.

The spread wasn't bad either.

^ And this was just the bread.

We fetched full plates of food, plates over flowing with sweet fruit and freshly cooked eggs and bacon. We dove in for a few minutes of delicious silence.

Then we goofed off in the slanted rays of morning light, fluttering between monologues on how lucky we each were and reenactments of the fan-favorite "grouper face". My brother is the undisputed champion at the face. The rest of us just can seem to get it right.

With full bellies, my sister and I waddled back to the terrace edge to snap more photos. The view from every angle was just magical.

^ Can you spot the Parliament on the far left and the Acropolis on the far right?

We moved to the designated "perfect picture place" behind the bar

and snapped a few more gems (including a few sloppy selfie attempts with the Acropolis).

Feeling inspired by the ancient and story-filled ruins, we decided to take the trek out to the Acropolis Museum.

After some confusion with the public transport system and a lot of uphill walking, we found ourselves suddenly standing over ancient ruins.

We excitedly trouped inside to explore what other ancient treasures they had on display. The first two floors were strictly no pictures allowed. Despite my stealthiest efforts, the staff were well trained hounds, and always managed to catch me before I could sneak a snap of the gorgeous sculptures.

The upper floors were fair game though, and I was a bit snap happy as I tried to make up for the missed shots earlier.

^ This is what the museum believes was above the entrance to the Acropolis

The pieces were so intricate and storied. Many were partial reconstructions, having been crafted from just a few fragments. You can see the yellowish pieces in the sculpture above that differ from the rest. Those were the pieces that had been recovered from the original work, and the white stone was part of the modern reconstruction.

Through the window we could see the Acropolis, standing tall above the rest of the city. With one last moment basking in the A/C, we took to the sunshine to march up the mountain.

Along the way were gorgeous ruins, namely the massive theatre. Seeing as the Acropolis was once the hub of the thriving ancient city, it was not at all unusual to find other historic ruins just down the mountain side.

We posed for pictures in the shade, a small moment of mercy amid the blistering sunshine, before trekking on.

And arriving at the main event.

We bumbled around for a bit to see the different ruins, but spent the majority of the afternoon soaking up toe sprawling city views.

Kinda takes your breath away, doesn't it?

After three or so hours in the relentless sun, we had sweat out just about every drop of water in our bodies.

Our hunt for a cool drink made as some new friends.

Our thirst finally satisfied, and our energy revived after a few minutes in the shade, we headed back downtown for some lunch.

Desperate for a gyro in the city they originated from, we prowled street after street. The little lunch was hard to come by! On the hunt for something quick, we stopped at a small open front shop where we picked up three classic lamb gyros to cart home.

It was the best meal I think I've ever had. Still a bit jet-lagged, and now with full bellies, we rolled into our crisp sheets for a nap before dinner.

We would have an early morning of packing before we would be heading for the boat! Best to catch up on as much sleep as possible then, no?


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