Friday, July 10, 2015

Istanbul at Night

We spent most of the next afternoon on the boat. We had left the docks that morning and were chugging along towards Istanbul until early evening.

Without warning we poked our heads out the window and were staring at the city!

Our eyes sought out the landmarks with ease. We were gliding past the historic district, quickly identifying the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, and Topkapi Palace.

By the time we unloaded there was only a few hours until sunset.

We popped over to our guide and headed out to walk the streets, winding through busy roads and across bridges as we basked in the evening light.

Remarkably, this neon boat is a restaurant - or rather, a kitchen.

People standing on the dock were handed baskets of food from a man on the boat, then quickly wandered off to eat on the street!

We chose to forego that meal and popped over to a crowded row of restaurants by the fish market.

We strolled around for a bit, but found the dead fish smell a bit too strong to sit through dinner.

We headed back inland and were dropped on a packed street, lined with shops and restaurants.

The walkways were crowded with men selling street food, women selling flower crowns, and beggars thrusting their hands at everyone who passed.

Every now and then a trolly would plow through and split the masses.

We nabbed up a few ears of roasted corn (it was insanely delicious, might I add), and found a sleepy side street to grab a drink.

Efes is a Turkish beer, and seems to be the drink of choice in Istanbul. It was quite good to top off the night.

Dusk seemed to last for hours. Finally realizing the time, we gulped the last of our pints and headed off to bed.

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  1. your photos are beautiful, i'd love to see it one day!

    danielle | avec danielle


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