Sunday, August 30, 2015

This Little Pig [Bahamas]

A few years back we visited Green Turtle on a trip much like this one. At one point, while cruising on the golf carts of course, we accidentally found ourselves in the dump.

Yes, islands have dumps. I was surprised, too.

But even more surprising was that in this dump was half a dozen wild chickens and two giant pigs.

I was torn between being wildly excited and pretty grossed out. I settled somewhere in between as I watched them sprint into the garbage filled horizon.

Since then I've been looking for those little pigs every second we've spent on the island.

They weren't exactly coming out of the woodwork though, so we planned a trip to the uninhabited pig island that was just a short boat ride away. We knew almost nothing about it though, so we weren't sure how this one was going to measure up to expectation.

As luck would have it, my good old dump pigs appeared before we could even push off from the dock. We were cruising the golf carts into town the morning of our planned pig island trip when we were greeted with dozens of big, round pigs.

We stopped to say hi.

But without any food, we weren't of much interest to them.

So they went on sniffing around for food and left us alone.

After our trip into town we hopped in the boat to pay a visit to the pig island. We found ourselves somewhere between surprised and disappointed.

Only two pigs were out on the beach, neither of which came swimming out to meet us as we had been so eagerly hoping they would.

The place was buzzing with flies from the rotting food and disentegrating water coolers everywhere. Despite constantly batting away flies, it was nice to see people tried to take care of the pigs.

We expected more pigs could be found inland, but the thick bush was enough to keep us on the shore. We resigned to chasing around the pigs and coaxing them back with pretzels.

We hung out on the beach for a bit

Sunbathing pig-side, anyone?

Before pushing off from the beach

Big thanks to these guys ^

And then we rode back into the blue.

The golden afternoon light transformed into a looming storm.

The guys decided to brave the rain for another shot at catching fish

But with little luck we headed home

And of course, just as we finished cleaning the boat the sun came out again.

We took that as an OK to hit the golf carts and head out for dinner by the docks. We weren't disappointed.

With only one day left we headed home for some Reese's cups and fluffy beds.


  1. weey, those pigs are sooo cute :) and the beach looks like my dream - you are very lucky to be there ;)

  2. Aww I love pigs, they are so cute! Your photos are beautiful!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Beautiful photos. Love the beach and those pigs are cute♥♥

  4. Such a strange place to find the pigs! And I've never seen so many wild like that, what a cute find Xx

    1. Ha I know! We were all so surprised to hear about it! x

  5. Those pigs ares so cute, that's cool to see them! I'd love to visit here :)

    1. You really should! It's a tough trip to make if you don't live near it, but so worth it. There's supposedly a more popular pig island we're planning a trip to visit next, just for fun :) x


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