Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To be honest.

When I decided to do this, it wasn't about where I was going.

London is an incredible city, a beautiful city, but not one I was looking to visit.

When I decided to do this it was all about running from home. From insecurity, from confusion, from complacency. I didn't care where I went, I just cared that I left.

What I found was more than I had imagined.

My flatmates are four of the loveliest girls I've encountered. We've laughed and talked and ate and drank together these first few days and I've felt an immediate comfort I couldn't have dreamed up, simply because I'd never experienced it before.

I've landed at the top floor of a gorgeous, tiny flat that already feels like home. A home on a charming street just a minute walk from the lively, buzzing Oxford Street and in the beautifully historic Bloomsbury neighborhood.

I've ridden the tube, in the morning and evening and dead in the middle of rush hour. I've popped into black cabs, I've swigged pale ales, I've nibbled on chips, I've been a tourist and I've been a local.

London is a babe of a city.

This place feels as much like home in 5 days as Tallahassee felt in two years.

Maybe time will change these feelings, but I've landed in a place that feels right. A place that I don't need a break from. A place that is already home.

I have a grocery store and a pharmacy. I have my favorite pubs and shops. I know the neighborhoods I like and those I don't.

This place is home. I have a lot to learn still, and couldn't be more enthralled at the chance to learn it in this city.

2016 will be good.

Not because it's a new chance for growth and change, but because I have decided on growth and change. I've lived it, felt it, feared it. I'm ready for the next eleven and a half months because I decided they would be different and have already made them so.

Wish me luck.

I'll be sharing all I can with you.
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