Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Tribute to 'The Good Years' [I love college.]

As some of you know, I just graduated from college. And when people ask me about it, what comes to mind isn't 22 hour study sessions or tough teachers or even tiny dorms.

It's the people. The experience. The life that those things breathe into you.

I've had my struggles in college and my own issues with FSU, but I still have to say thank you.

For the weird and wonky nights.

The laughs.


 The group hangouts.

The coffee runs.

The snapchats.


The gamedays.

The nights out.



The nights in.

The roadtrips.

The dreaming around the dinner table.

The photoshoots.

The prank wars.

The beauty.

The cuddles.

The messes.

The holidays.

The concerts.

The art.

The getting to own a cat for a month.

The chance to be a vandal.

The chance to make a change.

And for letting me meet so many incredible people.

Thanks, Florida State.


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