Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Oregon Road Trip

After a couple days spent milling around Portland in the near 100 degree heat, we decided to rent a car and flee to the cover of the woods.

We popped into to Pine State Biscuits for breakfast in Portland (that did not disappoint!) to map out a plan before picking up our car. 

Then it was time to hit the road, heading northwest toward Astoria to kick off our trip by the coast. We perused some boutiques and thrift stores, but left empty handed and headed down to the water's edge to soak up the Pacific.

After a stroll by the windy waterside, we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed back to the car, our sights set on Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach was famously in The Goonies movie - which neither of us had ever actually seen in full!


But we snapped a couple pictures, anyway, and strolled around the beach marveling out how very different beach days were in Oregon compared to Florida.


It was rare to see anyone in clothes at a Florida beach, and expected to see everyone dipping in and out of the water. Yet here, only wetsuit encased surfers took to the water, and the rest resigned themselves to sweaters and books up on the beach.

Eventually the wind picked up, so we started off on our journey once more.

We followed the winding road for some time until catching sight of a few cars pulled off to the side and found a trail leading into the woods. Throwing caution to the wind, we skipped down the trail, headed to an unknown destination.

It felt like a faery land. Lush green, a rumbling creek, and the whisper of the wind in an otherwise quiet corner of the world.

We stumbled onto a beautiful bridge

And a moment later were spit out down by the beach.

We frolicked in our secret cove for a bit before realizing the time. With heavy steps we ascended the trail again to leave behind our little treasure.

Another quick stop up the road explained we were in Oswald State Park.

So we snapped a few more shots and headed back to the car to turn back to Portland, with one final pit stop penciled in.

Tillamook State Forest.

Our drive back to Portland took us through the heart of the woodland.

We stopped halfway through for a final trek as the sun began to soften and fall to the horizon.

Naturally, we headed off the beaten path to find a little river.

Despite the icy water, I hopped out on the rocks to get a better look at the crevices of the stone visible under the clear water.

It was quite the beautiful sight -  very Riverdale-esque if you ask me!

We marveled at the shades of green before returning to the trail so we could make it back to the car.


A successful day of adventure capped with a sunset drive back to prep for our morning flight.


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