Sunday, August 13, 2017

Seattle, Washington

I spent my youth pining for Alex Karev and Derek Shepherd in those precious after school hours where I could curl up and watch Grey's Anatomy, so it's putting it lightly to say Seattle has always been a dream.

After popping home on a quick flight from the Bahamas, I unpacked my sturdy duffel and packed a fresh suitcase so I'd be ready to jet off for Seattle the next morning.

I was headed for a week on the west coast with my dear friend Clare, who I met when we were studying in London.

We landed in the rain and hot-footed our way to the metro and then into a car so we could get to Fremont, where we stayed at Hotel Hotel Hostel. (Yes, you're reading that right.)

It was getting late and we were tired from a day of travel so we ran out for some food at - and ate until our tummies were full and the only thing we felt like was sleep.

We headed back and rested up for our busy day to come. With an early start we headed to Top Pot Donuts for a meeting with Clare's fellow creatives and then headed down for an afternoon at the Public Market.

from the Top Pot website x
also nabbed from the web

We perused shops and snapped shots of the (almost) original Starbucks before we sought out the infamous gum wall.

From there it was on to Pioneer Square where we munched on Mediterranean goodies for lunch and headed up to Smith Tower for a less touristy view of the city (sorry, Space Needle).

We read up on our Prohibition History, made friends with the friendly elevator staff, and settled in for a drink at the bar on the roof, overlooking the city as we sipped on local brews.

Our afternoon filled with heartfelt conversation as we babbled on with our view of the skyline, but eventually we set off in search of dinner at the Pink Door.

Despite it's nondescript entrance that left us wondering if we were about to barge into someone's apartment, the shop was bustling with quirky, lively patrons and staff.

After a delightful dinner in the lovely place, we caught a bus back to Fremont. The neighborhood is deliciously hip, bursting with good restaurants and curious culture, like the Fremont Troll - a huge art installation meant to draw tourists into an otherwise bad area in hopes that the presence of the outsiders would shoo away unsavory types involved in shady business (like drug deals).

So, before hopping up the steps back to our beds, we trekked a few blocks over to check out the troll in all it's strange goodness.

With a full day under our belts we headed back to the room to unwind and get some rest for our trip to Bainbridge Island the next morning.

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