Thursday, September 21, 2017

Puppy Love

This week marks one year since I became a puppy mama, and I can't believe I haven't properly introduced you yet. So, everyone, meet my little Luna.

Luna was a flood dog, displaced in early 2016 by the massive flooding in Louisiana. I had a friend who was living there call me up and tell me she found the perfect dog, so I drove out the next weekend and brought her home!

She's goofy, adorable, and has the cutest little snaggle tooth that catches her too floppy lips.

She's also taught me a lot. Dog motherhood is strange. I've always had pets growing up, but having my very own dog - one entirely dependent on me alone - was eye opening.

It's a constant state of worrying. Is she eating enough? Did she get enough time outside? Is she being mentally stimulated? Does she seem lethargic? Did I give her this month's medication? Does she know I love her?

I can't even imagine having a child and multiplying those worries by a hundred. Not to mention, kids talk back! But any future of that is far, far away and I have my hands plenty full with this little fur baby. I'll be buying overpriced toys and testing new treats for years to come.

Not to mention taking care of the rest of our little wolf pack.

I'm so very happy to have this goofy little monster all to myself.


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