Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Beehive [I love college p. 2]

As my home away from home officially splits up (everyone in different cities, countries, and homes) I felt the need to say a few things about my favorite people from that podunk town of Tallahassee.

Despite my school's many flaws, it gave me two of the greatest years of my life in a rundown yellow house with the most incredible people on the planet.


Hope. I'm so grateful for your gentle way of handling people.

On days I felt like I'd slipped off a cliff and was trying to climb back over the ledge, you didn't rattle off advice, scolding me while you yanked me back up. Instead, your words wove a net of support and understanding, permission for me to loosen my grip and accept the fall until I was ready to get up and you could show me to the ladder.

You are genuine, soulful, curious, and uniquely yourself. You teach me to accept every quirky part of myself because you've loved those parts in me the same way you love them in yourself.

You've been a sweet roommate and a kind friend and my heart will be a little lonelier without you.


Renata. I'm going to miss learning from you every day.

Some nights you would come home with stories about friends and others you would explain new ideas pulled from a podcast, but every night you'd be eating salty rice and haphazardly explaining your developing perspective on some topic or another, making my head spin with new information.

More than your splashes of wisdom and splatterings of conversation, I'll miss finding your doodles on old mail and getting home to find you reclined on the front porch. You spoke to me in more than one way and I learned from you every single day.

Thanks for teaching me authenticity, for challenging me, for being my friend, for loving me, for showing me truth and sharing your heart and being funny and kind and fearless and for always, always letting me learn from you.


Emily. How will I live without you?

When I left for London, we talked about how we'd never gone more than two months without seeing each other since the day we met. Astoundingly, it was true. The most distance we'd seen was a summer break in high school that kept us apart. But here and now, with London in the past, it's hard to imagine spending day after day not seeing you.

You're my dearest friend, my closest confidant, the one who makes me laugh until I can't breathe, the one who accepts me always, the one who keeps me open minded and reminds me to give even the toughest, roughest, strangest people a chance.

Thank you for forging your own path and showing me how to be strong and kind all at once. One day I hope I can repay the favor.


P.S. Thank you guys for every inside joke, photo shoot, existential crisis, night out, party, coffee crawl, and shared story. All of you played such a special role in my life these past few years. You mean the world to me.


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