Thursday, October 19, 2017

Brand Spotlight: Pacifica

Finding natural, cruelty free, vegan products that are good quality, affordable, and right for your skin can feel like an uphill battle if you're not in the market for another Lush product.

But, lucky for you, I found Pacifica.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about this west coast based brand with beautiful packaging. All of their products are cruelty free and vegan, and, thanks to the founder's background in perfume, they smell incredible, too!

I've tried a few different types of face wipes by them (a lazy girl's lifesaver, my dears) and have loved them all so far. The Berry Happy and Cactus Water wipes are among the rare crop of wipes that remove makeup and make my skin feel clean, not oily.

P.s. Just look at these beautiful prints on the packaging!

I've also tapped their Kale Detoxifying Cleanser to be my new face wash, and have been liking it so far. It may be a tad drying for some people, but I tend to prefer my skin feel on the dry side after washing it so I can slap on a good moisturizer without feeling greasy. But by no means do I feel like my skin has been stripped - it just feels clean!

Their Banana Love hair mask was a surprising win in my book.

I have tried several hair masks over the past year and found most either make no noticeable difference or somehow make my hair feel dry. This mask is hydrating and my hair always feels strong and looks shiny after using it.

And bonus: it smells delicious!

I also tested out their mascara, as mentioned in this past post, and have given their nail polish a go. Both products got two thumbs up from me.

The mascara isn't flaky or tacky, and gives a lot of length.

And the nail polishes come in some beautiful hues. After almost a year of not wearing nail polish, I'm loving these new shades.

I also bought a gift set with a body butter, nude chapstick, and roll on perfume for only $17 - a total steal! It was a scent set of Indian Coconut Nectar, an almost tropical scent with notes of coconut and a rich vanilla undercurrent.

I've tried a good number of their products so far - I swear by the Berry Happy and Cactus Water face wipes, religiously use the Banana Love hair mask & love the body butter and nail polishes - but I have a ton more products on I'm hoping to test in the coming months. 

And buying vegan and cruelty free makes me feel much better about the products in my daily routine, especially when I'm looking at my favorite pup.

*Click any of the names of products to be linked to where you can buy & try for yourself. These are affiliate links and I may make some revenue from you clicking them!


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