Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fall Book Club

Free from the mandatory readings of university, I've taken up reading for pleasure again. And my how I've missed you, old friend.

My current reading list is as colorful and varied as I could acquire (while still being a casual read - sorry War and Peace, I'm still easing back into the big books).

Some of these books were gifts or recommendations, and a few I picked up wandering the aisles of Barnes & Noble. These are a few current reads and past favorites for you!

1. Get Happy
This was a gift from my mom for my birthday with past summer. It's sort of a flip through self help book, not so much a sit down with a cuppa and a blanket novel or road map to life. I'm a strong believer that happiness is a choice, so this book is a great pick me up when you need a reminder on what happiness is and how to get it.

2. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
I picked this book up after hearing a friend of mine talk about how much she cried during the movie. I was looking for a quick read that had a little more content to it than a typical John Green novel, but was in for a surprise by how this book took my breath away.

3. More Than Just Luck
A graduation gift from my aunt, this book is chock-full of commencement speeches from the past few decades. It's an uplifting compilation about the challenges, growth, confusion and change you'll experience after graduating uni. In the nights after receiving the book I often read one speech before bed. It kept my mind clear and helped me unwind, plus went to bed feeling empowered and would pop up ready to go the next day.

4. The Mountaintop School for Dogs
I've just dipped me toes into this book, but so far I'm loving the plot; A girl, feeling stuck in a rut, leaves home (with no experience) to go train dogs on top of a mountain. The feeling of being stuck and needing an escape to something that sounds wonderful is so universal, I'm excited to see where this story takes me.

5. Wild
I've been holding off on watching the movie since I've heard so much controversy over the heart of the story being so different than the book (because I had to read it first, duh). It's the type of book you read and then a few years later in the middle of a crisis you say, "I need to have my Wild experience." Big picture: it's empowering and encouraging more than anything - a reminder that the hopelessness and confusion we often face in life doesn't last.

6.  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
A story about an autistic boy and his struggle to solve the case of who killed the neighbor's dog. This was one of the first books I picked up that didn't fall into the Young Adult or Classic Lit categories that I read end to end without pause. With no love interest, it's not the type of fiction I usually pick up, but was one of the best books I've ever read. Highly recommend!

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