Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Château de Calvières [France]

In October my family took a trip to southern France to revel in sunlight and early autumn beauty at Château de Calvières.

The chateau is grand and imposing, standing walled off in the center of a small town. You enter through an iron gate and drive the path to the house between rows of beautiful trees.

The grounds are expansive, with tennis courts, a small winery, clusters of olive trees, an abandoned barn and fifteen minutes of walking trails.

The yard is beautiful, the trees are glorious, but it's the chateau itself that really is the showstopper.

With 8+ bedrooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, two kitchens, a full gym, and a million other wonderful little details, the 16th century masterpiece is imposing and magical all at once.

I woke up in a white room every morning from the sunny glow slipping through the windows I left open.

I'd shuffle over cold floors to each window so I could drink in the morning air

And push open the creaky shutter to let the light flood in.

My view from the third floor overlooked the courtyard, and mornings were often slow but for the fluttering pigeons.

We spent mornings around the table, some of us wandering outside to sip our coffee and munch on fresh croissants, market berries, and regional cheese.


And evenings downing gallons of wine around pasta and fresh bread.

The perfect week spent peacefully before our trip to Paris.

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