Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In With the New: 2018

The new year is upon us! I've popped the champagne and soaked up a great week with family and feel revived and inspired for the fresh start that's begun!

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After a packed few days of driving, chores, and a bit of rest I've finally taken some time to think about what I want for myself in the new year.

I've never been much for resolutions beyond the standard "read more", "eat better", "spend more time doing things I love" generic sort of statements that lead to little real action throughout the year.

BUT I am in my early 20s and have embarked on a new stage in life, so it seems time to shape up and get serious about seizing the new year as a fresh start for my life.

So pop the bubbly and read on to hear a few resolutions. You can scratch up your own list at the end.

1. Take up a creative hobby.
Blogging, in large part, fits the bill of creative hobby. It was something I pushed myself to do years ago and found so much joy in. It's gratifying to sit down and create something to share with the world, and I would like to have more of it. Whether it's soap making or knitting or really embracing painting again - something I used to do weekly a few years ago - I'm ready for a new activity to let myself create and grow in.

2. Get stronger.
My body needs a lot of help, frankly, as most of ours do. I want to give it what it deserves, nourishing it properly and keeping it limber as it continues to change and grow. Strength is something I used to have a lot more of when I was hauling water buckets and picking out stalls in the barn all throughout high school. But now I need to turn to more orthodox methods. I want to indulge in yoga classes, try barre, and start lifting weights. My body wants to be capable but can't do so without the discipline to get it there, so I'm looking to this year for a chance to give it what it deserves.

3. Nourish my self.
This goes hand in hand with my last resolution. I can't get stronger without the proper nourishment, which makes this resolution doubly important. I'm not a kid and my body deserves balanced diets, healthy portions of leafy greens, and proper care. I want to take time to track my eating each day - which will hopefully help me break old habits and develop new ones. Working antioxidant rich superfoods and nutrient packed seeds should be easy to integrate into my routine daily and give myself the extra boost I need.

4. Stay organized and take notes.
I'm out of college, and have probably become more orderly since graduation. Something about aimlessness in life forces order in my surroundings. Still, I want to dedicate time each day and week to cleaning my space, tracking the changes of my environment and schedule in a planner, and making notes on the happenings of each day. The goal is generally maintaining order in my life and documenting even the mundane days so I have something to look back on. Apps like Day 1 and One Second a Day are making it easy on me.

5. Challenge my mind.
I rarely read anymore, though I used to burn through a new book every week and spend every morning with the newspaper. I still flip through the latest Popular Science and scroll through news sites, but I'd like to take a more active role in enhancing my mind. I want to test my knowledge with trivia, read books each month, explore new articles in the paper, and dedicate time to expanding my vocabulary. College provided an easy path to active learning, but now it rests on my shoulders to continue my mental growth.

6. Practice active positivity.
Through bouts of mild anxiety and depression through high school and college, a naturally positive attitude was not always easy for me to maintain. I am better than I've ever been, but I still get angry, sour, and frustrated over nonsensical and foolish things. I want to spend time this year meditating and clearing my mind as well as learning techniques to help me view situations with an even temper and balanced mind, despite all circumstance. Positivity is often a choice, and while it is what I gravitate to I have a lot of growing still to do.

7. Connect.
I've been back in my hometown for about six months and have made no new connections and let many old ones slip away from me. I don't spend too much time in settings that let me meet and mingle with others, nor am I the best at staying in touch with the people I've known and loved for years. I want to be active about immersing myself in my town and making it my own again, as well as reaching out to the people in my life I rarely talk to and making plans to visit their towns or settle in for long phone calls to catch up on the endless waves of change that seem to come at this age.

I'd also like to take my dogs to the park more and save up more money. I want to take a trip somewhere I've been dreaming of for ages (maybe Bali?) and push myself outside my comfort zone. I want to open an Etsy shop, learn about natural alternatives to everyday items, and create a recipe book for my family and I to use.

There are a lot of dreams I have for this year, but all of them are designed for my own betterment.

I hope these gave you a bit of inspiration for your own resolutions. I'd love to hear anything you've already put into motion or tips, tricks, and suggestions you may have for me.

I hope this year is one for the books.

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