Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Just a few days after I returned home from France I was texting my much loved former roomie, Ren, who you know from these posts, about coming to visit. Ren is currently in Madrid, so on a whim I booked the ticket and within a couple weeks I was on a flight out to see her!

After a very long flight (I forget how hard the transatlantic trips are when you're flying east), I hopped off the plane and found a place to grab some water while I waited for Ren.

With her en-route, we sent rapid fire texts until we were breathing happy sighs and squeezing each other hello. We chatted as she brought me to her adorable little apartment in the heart of the city.

We played on the balcony for a few minutes and then set out to the streets so she could show me around her favorite neighborhoods. We checked out a little skate park-garden-social spot and snapped photos and picked sage and poked at aloe.

 Ren saved a kid's soccer game mid-photo shoot, a true every day hero.

We moved on to a little cafe for drinks, tea for me and wine for her.

We walked the streets for a while and then found dinner at an adorable and delicious vegan spot.

From there it was home to rest. The next afternoon we headed out for Toledo.

Getting tickets for the train proved to be a mini nightmare, but despite the delayed start we hopped on the train excited. On the thirty minute ride we caught some z's.

And woke up just outside the beautiful city.

We took a little tourist "train" ride around the city with a mob of older asian women, an odd twist to our adventure, but it gave us lovely view of the historic city and we managed to catch a few words on the iconic buildings inside it.

We hiked the steps and roamed the streets and checked out a few spots

Before stumbling on Museo del Greco. Admission was free to the gardens that day, so we poked around.


It was really a beautiful moment.

We strolled a bit more.

And then it was time to return to Madrid.

The rest of the trip entailed a visit to the Reina Sophia - most notable for housing Picasso's La Guernica (one of my favorite paintings), and these insanely gorgeous windows.

We also grabbed bao buns, watched sunsets, ate churros....

 And of course, indulged in a few drinks


A genuinely incredible few days with one of my favorite friends.

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