Friday, March 23, 2018

Easy Green Smoothie [aka the Best Way to Pack in Your Vitamins and Daily Greens]

Since the new year, I've found smoothies to be the easiest way to kick my nutrition up a notch.

All you have to do is pick a few goodies out and whip them together in the blender - it's a fast breakfast or midday snack and a simple way to ensure you're getting your five a day and then some.

I sometimes make fruit smoothies or chocolate protein smoothies, but by and large my go-to is a good green smoothie.

I start with a few handfuls of green - a blend of whatever is on hand. This time it was dandelion leaf, spinach, and chard. Sometimes I sub those out for romaine or kale.

For a sweeter smoothie - and most people do need it - add fruit. Drinking straight greens might be fine, but once you start adding extra supplements the flavor gets earthy very fast, so you'll have to taste and try it yourself.

So tip in some frozen bananas, berries, and maybe an acai pack. I often use about 1 or 1.5 bananas, a third of a cup of berries, and acai pack. The acai blend adds a lot of sweetness and some extra antioxidants.

From there I get busy with the supplements. I've amassed quite a collection over the past year, so I add a wide spread - don't feel like you need to add so many!

If you're starting out, hemp seeds and spirulina are both great starting points.

I add in both of those + then some. I start with spirulina and then add matcha, moringa leaf, maqui berry, reishi - usually around one teaspoon of each.

Matcha is a great caffeine boost;
Moringa is packed with vitamins and great for lowering blood pressure;
Maqui is rich in antioxidants;
Reishi is great for lowering your cholesterol and helping you metabolize caffeine and avoid jitters;
Spirulina is also a nutrient dense powder high in protein and vitamins

On top of those powders I drop in some seeds - obviously some hemp, then a bit of chia and flax. Occasionally I run a little wild and add brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds too.

If it seems like a lot is in this smoothie - you're right! But then you can kick back with one drink and know you're filling your body up with all the vitamins and nutrients you need to start your day - and at least half of your daily servings.

Once everything is in the blender you just add some liquid and let your blender do it's thing! I usually add water, but have splashed in juice concentrate to add sweetness or subbed out coconut water if I'm looking for an extra boost.

When it's all smooth: pour into a glass, top with a few berries (and a reusable straw), and enjoy!


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