Sunday, September 30, 2018

My Art & Inspiration Round-Up [youtube + pinterest]

I've been dipping my toes back in painting recently and have turned to Youtube and Pinterest for inspiration and instruction.

just a 2am paint test trying to teach myself about colors + blending that ended in this smudgy creation
Many hours were spent trudging through irrelevant videos and fluttering through uninteresting pins, so I thought I'd round up a bit of my favorites to save you the leg work when you're looking for a bit of inspo yourself.

Favorite videos (by three great artists with such different styles):

Inspiration pictures via Pinterest:

minimalist art is yesssss -G

Hi. I’m Margaret, tumblr junkie, art & photography lover, admirer of good coffee, two boxers dog...

Ícones inacabados, que mostrem muito mais o traço.

journalstudymore: “ Upcoming theme: Art Journals, Study, and More ”


Renosaurio Art #acrylicpainting

❀ some girls use makeup but i bet you have to touch yourself up with oil paints when you start to blur since you're a walking piece of art

ottersunday: “ this was drawn and painted quickly and carelessly. facebook | instagram ”

I hope you found some inspiration from these, too! I'm working on blending these different styles with images of people that I find so I can create my own works of art, but with the training wheels still on, I find working from other paintings and drawings to be the easiest way to learn and develop my own skill set.

I'm thinking of taking a paint class at a local high school that is offered to my community, do you think I should?


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