Sunday, January 6, 2019

A Weekend in New York [Beekman Farm, Apple Picking, the City]

With a plan set for a weekend in North Carolina this fall, we couldn't have seen the last minute switch coming. Enter: Tiffani Thiessen's cookbook launch.

An email from Beekman 1802 Farm blasted through the cords, wires, and data clouds (or whatever it blasts through) to find its way to my computer. Tickets were bought, flights booked, and about five days later we were touching down in New York.

We drove from La Guardia Airport to Hudson, where we parked ourselves in an AirBnB and explored the little town on foot.

There isn't much to see in Hudson, but it's charming nonetheless. We enjoyed our afternoon there and spent the next day in Sharon Springs before the dinner.

Once at the farm, the meal was good and the venue beautiful.


Despite heavy rain that morning, everyone stomped through the mud gleefully and into the tent to enjoy the evening. We made friends with our table neighbors and listened to Tiffani, Brent, and Josh talk about food, family, and the farm.

My family remains part of the Beekman 1802 fan club. Their products are lovely and their branding charming, and Tiffani is always delightful so we couldn't resist the experience.

There were no regrets about our change in plans, especially after apple picking the next day

And meeting the friendly farm animals at DuBois Farm.

We made our way down to the city after our weekend upstate, and found ourselves spending the next day just wandering in Central Park

And exploring down by the Public Library and Bryant Park's winter village.

With little time left made our way to Sarabeth's for breakfast, Chelsea Market for a bit of browsing, the Strand for some book shopping, and then sought out a bit of sun along the High Line.

The Village Den called our name for a quick lunch, Dominique Ansel's bakery avocado toast and then some dessert

And we rounded out the day of walking and shopping with a treat at Serendipity.

A successful trip and a lovely getaway. There's nothing like New York.

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