Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday Feelings: Plants, Plants, Plants

Let's be honest: plant lady is the new cat lady.

It’s no secret we love adding plants to our indoor spaces. Every room in our apartment is full of everything from small cactus and succulents to hanging plants and indoor trees. We’re not exactly sure where our love for bringing the outdoors in began, but thinking back on it a bit, it most likely had …
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With a trend this beautiful though, who could you blame?

I've been working on my green thumb for a few years now, but most gardening efforts fall short. See: my wilted and bug-filled clementine tree in the backyard. Somehow my ill-fated attempts of the past did no deter me though, and now I'm a proud mother of plants. Like, 25 of them.

Summer Rayne Oakes Brooklyn Apartment

The online inspo keeps fueling this new hobby though, and I'm going to share some of those beauties now.

Pilea | PLANT | Nutrition Stripped #nutritionstripped

Urban Jungle Book                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I love a big, leafy plant, but I'm always ogling these hanging beauties, too.

7 Houseplants With the Most Unique Leaves We've Ever Seen

45 Truly Unique DIY Hanging Planters You Can Easily Make At Home

Five EASY To Care For Houseplants

String Of Pearls Plant 1

aaaaand queue the minimalist Calathea obsession:

Calathea Triostar #houseplants

Calathea Ornata #bloominghouseplants

But they really are the best home decor, aren't they?

Pour donner un style urban jungle à son appartement, rien de mieux que les pots suspendus en macramé sur un mur bleu canard dans le salon


Eucalyptus is one of our favourite plants to bring indoors. It looks so lovely in a large glass vase!

oh, and peep this stunning variegated Monstera:

Variegated split leaf philodendron

Albo Variegata (Variegated Monstera)

a prickly plant more your preference?


No matter your type, I swear there is a plant for anyone. Even my aunt, who never brought a plant indoors because she was worried about bugs, has found herself with a few small potted herbs, a kokedama or two, and a few leafy little ones living out of water-filled jars.

As always - photos are not mine and were all taken from Pinterest!

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