Friday, February 8, 2019

Five Things To Make 2019 Better

A lot of things pass through my life without doing much for me, but there's a handful that have proved themselves useful or joyful (or both!) and I think they're worth mentioning.

In the era of Marie Kondo and her Konmari method for joy, I'm trying to focus more on keeping just the good things, and these five all prove to do that.

1. Diffuser

This is a life saver! Sharing a room with two dogs every night and being a few steps from the kitchen both contribute to unwanted lingering scents, so a diffuser is perfect to combat that.

Regular air fresheners and sprays can be full of harmful chemicals. Rather than risk it, I use essential oils and water in this handy contraption to relocate my room to a field of lavender, a forest of eucalyptus, or a tropical beach.

2. Chapstick + Lip Salve

A year ago I would have told you there is only one chapstick worth having, but these days there are three lip products worthy of being in my cabinet. I have tried every chapstick and lip balm out there, but haven't found anything to rival these. I used to struggle with chapped lips, but I apply one of these every night now and haven't had any issues since!

Beekman chapstick is balanced and hydrating (goat milk has a pH similar to the human body + is creamy and smooth), Palmer's cocoa butter chapstick packs the biggest hydrating punch when my lips are chapped, and Smith's rosebud salve is what I put on every night before bed - and unlike chapstick, I don't wake up with tacky lips in the morning.

3. Plants

These little guys have given me a GREAT hobby. Weekly watering and cleaning of the plants is a great addition to my schedule + I've learned how to propagate and grow new plants from trimmings of the ones I already own.

Plants also (obviously) purify air; which improves overall air quality and reduces allergens.

It's the best way to spend downtime that I've stumbled on so far, and get my mind off my to-do list every now and then.

4. A good planner

Staying focused is difficult, but a good planner helps me wrap my head around what I have to do.

I often have restless sleep or trouble falling asleep because my to do list weighs on my mind. Rolling over and jotting everything down in a planner has helped an almost unbelievable amount. Prioritizing tasks, to dos, and goals keeps you on track and helps you get more done in the day.

+ some cute pencils keep things fun!

5. Healthy Human cup

This cup keeps drinks cold for almost 24 hours, and it better, because frankly, I can't drink room temp water. As someone who is always thirsty (and always trying to reach her water goals), this has worked wonders.

I can make a drink before bed and wake up the next morning, thirsty, and able to sip on my water without having to get up for ice. It holds up in my hot car and sitting on every sunlit surface in my house.

A good cup like this means I stay hydrated and happy + comes in white marble.

(P.S. Peep that reusable straw!!)


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