Saturday, March 30, 2019

Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C.

We tried our luck in late March and booked a last minute trip to D.C. in hopes of catching the famed cherry blossoms in peak bloom.

Let's just say we should've hit Vegas with our luck, because spring had sprung just in time.

We landed in Baltimore and made our way to the hotel in downtown D.C. After a quick bite to eat, the rooms were ready. We brought up our bags, unpacked, and headed out for the last few hours of sunlight.

With rain on the forecast for the next day, we decided to go right for the Tidal Basin and cross our fingers. While D.C. is a bustling city full of history, food, and beautiful museums, we were really there for the cherry blossoms.

Two minutes from our hotel we stumbled onto our first smattering of the trees.

We grinned at the sight, barely able to believe our luck. The trees were beautiful, full, and certainly at their peak. Save for a few stragglers, nearly every cherry blossom was fully in bloom.

Pictures were taken, laughs were had, and eyes marveled for a long while...

Before we moved on from the Washington Monument and made our way on to the Tidal Basin.

It was a weekday, but that didn't seem to sway the crowds. It was remarkably packed, though the crowd was twice the size when the weekend rolled around - so take the stroll on a weekday if you can.

The sunset was liquid gold and the perfect way to experience the cherry blossoms.

We took our time walking the path toward the rest of the memorials.

And took time to read the quotes and steep ourselves in the better sides of our historic figures.

As we rounded the end of the path, the light was turning cool as dusk took over.

So we took a last look at the trees for the night and then wandered off in search of a cozy spot to spend the rest of the evening.



  1. Living in DC is great! I've lived here for over 10 years. I've lived in other cities and on both coasts.

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