Friday, March 1, 2019

Winter Weekend in London, Part 2

Supported by a night of dancing, the jet lag hit us hard and we slept soundly through the night, feeling ready and refreshed on our first full day in London.

We took it slow, enjoying our time walking around the city before heading off to meet my dear friend Meg for brunch in soho.

You'll remember her from my Red City post, but if you've forgotten, here she is on our trip to Belgium:

It had been over a year since we'd last seen each other in person, so we squeezed each other silly - no photos, we were too caught up in the moment. I met her co-workers, all three of them were lovely, interesting, and funny, and then we were off to brunch!

We landed at Soho Joe, next door to the much busier Breakfast Club, though I swear just as good. 

Pancakes, lattes, avocado toast, and mounds of bacon piled up on the table as we all chatted. It was hard to imagine a better place to get to know each other.

After a very long and lazy brunch, we sent them off into the afternoon as we headed towards Southbank.

Our walk led us to the London Eye where we snapped photos and basked in patches of sunlight to keep warm. Big Ben was under construction, but it didn't stop us from taking pictures.

We walked past the Whitehall Gardens and down to the Waterloo Bridge before the cold finally got to us and we darted back to the flat to heat up.

Daylight was nearly gone so we stayed close to the flat that night, popping out for a quick dinner at Nando's before snuggling in.


The next day was another relaxed day, though we stayed busy hopping around the city.

Our morning walk turned into an early afternoon tea at Sketch, and it was everything we could've hoped for.

We drank buckets of tea, sampling three or four a piece, and sipping on one another's to add to our experience. 

The art was playful,

The bathrooms funky,

And the whole experience just lovely. I'd go back again in a heartbeat, probably to the same room and for the same reason before branching out to an evening drink in another corner.

From there we took our time walking through Carnaby and Soho as we made our way to Neal's Yard 

And then on to Covent Garden. 

The rain started as we raced to the tube to make our entry time at the Sky Garden.

After a while waiting to get inside, we took our time exploring the building, and what little extra warmth it provided against the outdoors.

The rain had turned into snow flurries by the time we left, so we made quick work of the walk to Honest Burgers, and buried ourselves in their basement up to our necks in fries and cocktails before we could muster the energy to wander back to the flat.

We wound up popping back out to meet up with Meg and her coworkers at a pub for a few drinks. We chatted, swapping stories about our times abroad, our interests and classes and diving into pockets of conversation on history and politics. It was refreshing and relaxing and filled me up to the brim.

Stimulating conversation comes easily in college, but it can be much harder to forge connections and have discussions with depth once you leave that environment. We said goodbye on a street corner by the tube, with hopes of meeting up again when everyone was stateside. A fitting farewell to our new friends.

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